SEMF aims to:

Celebrate, foster and communicate scientific thinking, rationality and systematic analysis in accordance with our principles.

Reflect critically on the nature of knowledge, making distinctions between disciplines based on criteria such as depth, breadth, universality, reductive-emergent power, etc.

Identify Deep Themes that require transdisciplinary approaches.

Develop and maintain a Map of Knowledge charting the current frontiers of human understanding.

Bridge traditionally distant disciplines by blurring conventional divides such as the gap between the sciences and the humanities or the distinction between technology and art.

Create a pluralistic and diverse community of scientists, creators, academics, students and enthusiasts whose interests and motivations align with what SEMF sets out to do.


Given SEMF’s history and the fact that it is registered as a non-profit association in Spain, hold a minimum quota of events and activities hosted and mediated in Spanish.