The Society for Multidisciplinary and Fundamental Research (SEMF, from its original Spanish acronym) is created in response to the current scientific, social and technological environment. Despite the fast communications and interconnectivity of the Information Age, most branches of knowledge are still largely segregated, and institutions dedicated to their advancement tend to be managerially complex, often constrained by their history and rarely in substantial cooperation with each other. This contrasts with recent developments showing that today's frontiers of human understanding often lie outside the bounds of traditional disciplines.

SEMF aims to address fundamental questions with rigour and honesty, always striving to consider them broadly, profoundly, and contextually. We believe that this type of intellectual endeavour is most likely to flourish in dynamic environments that foster the creative exploration of ideas and the organic growth of research projects and collaborations. SEMF aspires to provide such an environment by keeping things simple: staying managerially lightweight and being run by a team of active researchers and intellectuals.

At SEMF we promote rationality and scientific thinking across all human enquiry since we consider these to be the best tools for the development of civilization and the understanding of the universe we all inhabit. Our universalist approach to human knowledge helps us bridge the gaps between traditionally disjointed disciplines - particularly, the old, stagnant divide between the sciences and humanities. This mindset also allows us to identify deep themes across diverse topics, a powerful asset when trying to unify separate areas of research.

Ultimately, SEMF aims to establish a pluralistic community of scientists, creatives, academics, artists, students, intellectuals and, generally, enthusiasts united under the common goal of delving deeper into fundamental questions.

In principle, all topics are welcome under the SEMF dome. However, given its fundamental nature, subjects such as linguistics, physics, cognitive science, mathematics, complexity science, philosophy, biology or computer science are well-represented in our events and activities.

To accomplish our goals, we currently do three things: 1) we ideate and organise transdisciplinary conferences and seminars, 2) host the SEMFiloquia podcast, where small groups of experts with different backgrounds come together to discuss a transversal topic of common interest and 3) maintain The Agora: a platform, implemented on Discord and Telegram, where our members can self-organise and participate in talks, debates, study groups and social meetings.

Why SEMF now?

Current social and intellectual environment leading to the creation of SEMF.


Essential ideals and guidelines that define our working ethos.


Goals we set out to accomplish in accordance with our principles.


Concrete resolutions aimed at fulfilling our objectives.