SEMF aspires to uphold the following ideals:

Deep Analysis

Favor studying the foundational structure of knowledge from first principles over mere factual accounts. Emphasis is given to exploring fundamentals and conceptual frameworks over immediate application.

Holistic Integration

Address deep themes across multiple disciplines by means of contextualization and integration of specialized research in an attempt to achieve disciplinary convergence.

Intellectual Honesty

Set out clear scientific or analytical goals. Strive for conceptual clarity and critical revision of ideas, independent of extraneous factors such as personal motivation and agendas.

Effective Communication

Ensure all acts of communication are effectively mediated, appropriately conveying the depth and detail of information, and truthfully representing data.


Maintain a rational mindset to foster dispassionate and respectful debate, even when discussing sensitive topics.

Epistemological Transparency

Openly address data-gathering methodologies, sources of information, interpretative and theoretical frameworks and possible cognitive biases.


Welcome people sharing our values from a wide variety of backgrounds, regardless of status of any kind.