Events and Activity

SEMF organizes events of varying scope and scale, from focused workshops and study groups to summer schools and international conferences. A complete index of all our upcoming and past events can be found here:


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Annual Congress

SEMF member gathering combining scientific talks and debates with social activities. The association’s official annual General Assembly is linked to this event.

Numerous Numerosity

Interdisciplinary conference on the concepts of cardinality, ordinality and arithmetic across the sciences.


Podcast where experts from different fields come together to discuss a transversal topic of common interest.

Summer School

Set of courses on transdisciplinary subjects taught with a universalist approach and accessible to general educated audiences.

Winter Symposium

Multidisciplinary meeting aimed at showcasing the breadth and diversity of topics treated across all SEMF events.


Platform where SEMF members can self-organize and participate in study groups, seminars, debates and social gatherings.