‘Semfiloquia’ is the name of SEMF’s official podcast. With a format close to traditional colloquia (hence the name), Semfiloquia aims to gather a small group of experts with diverse backgrounds to discuss transversal topics. The meetings are prepared in advance and the live conversation is moderated by a SEMF associate to ensure an effective transdisciplinary dialogue takes place between the speakers.

Semfiloquia are livestreamed and saved on our YouTube channel. Members of the audience are often given the chance to ask questions after the planned topics have been covered.

The Semfiloquia Podcast will be available on audio streaming platforms soon.

Semfiloquium #5 - The Rise of the Podcast

Semfiloquium #4 - Plant Cognition

Semfiloquium #3 - Foundations of Finance

Semfiloquium #2 - Foundations: Physics vs Mathematics

Semfiloquium #1 - Art vs Science


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