Beyond ideating, organising and managing events, SEMF associates work on some other research and development projects.

Deep Themes

As an integral part of the usual ideation and execution of our scientific activities and events, SEMF is constantly searching for non-obvious patterns, or deep themes, that may help in unifying previously unconnected branches of knowledge.

What are Numbers?

Modern science is characterised by formal rigour and quantitative methodologies. At SEMF we aim to delve into the nature of one of the most fundamental structures of science: numbers. This project is closely linked to the ideation and coordination of the Numerous Numerosity conference.

HyperViz - Statistical Visualization on Hypergraphs

At SEMF we often deal with scientometric and demographic data about the participants in our multidisciplinary events. We think it is important to develop powerful and intuitive metrics of the degree of multi-, inter-, trans- or anti-disciplinarity among groups of people such as research teams or audiences. To this end, and for many other possible applications, we develop HyperViz, our own hypergraph visualization system.

Map of the Frontiers of Knowledge

As a long term goal, SEMF aims to develop a cartography of the current landscape of human knowledge. We seek to identify the fundamental conceptual boundaries between existing theories and interpretative frameworks by studying aspects such as depth-vs-breadth, generalizability potential, emergent and reductive qualities, etc.